USS Halloween Horror Nights 8 – Lady Oiwa

Makeup, Special Effects


Oiwa is the tragic and terrifying onryō from Yotsuya kaidan—”the ghost story of Yotsuya.” Along with Okiku and Otsuyu, she is one of the Nihon san dai kaidan—Japan’s Big Three Ghost Stories. Oiwa’s story is based on real-life events which took place in 17th century Edo. These events were dramatized in the 1825 kabuki play Tōkaidō yotsuya kaidan, which became very popular and cemented Oiwa’s place as Japan’s most famous ghost. Countless variations and adaptations of her tale followed.



Photographer: Angel & USS

Makeup Artists: Kelvin and Sharon Siu

Character Design Property of Universal Studios Singapore
Prosthetic sculpted, molded by: Priscilla Jounka Ai, under the supervision and guidance of Rally San Mateo
Assistants: Insyira Raffei, Nhurul Hidayah
Wig Styling by: Rally San Mateo

Photographer: Angel & USS