TSUKI: Flower Girl

Personal Makeup


“She was the daughter of the City’s most beloved Madam, a formidable stage performer who married the owner of the City’s oldest and most prestigious Theatre. TSUKI watched her mother perform, and witnessed the droves of adoring fans lining up outside.

She lived deep in the culture of thespians, she had given everything to the life on the stage: Her name, her identity and her future. TSUKI wanted nothing more than to step out of her mother’s shadow for when she danced on stage, she danced as her mother did. Even if she wore a different set of clothes, she was still styled in the image of her mother – the dark lips, dark eyes, and the scale pattern on her cheeks.

Her mother was likened to a serpent; beautiful, dangerous, and powerful. Yet, TSUKI was part of a new generation, who had more hope and optimism about the future. She likened herself more to flowers; radiant, joyful and more free-spirited. But till then, TSUKI would dance one last time on the stage, to mirror the dance her mother did in older days.

This was TSUKI’s last dance before she would let the stage lights dim forever.”

This character concept was a two-year long journey. The original concept for the look was mixing oriental and futuristic elements together but as the project went on, the concept started to change into something very different. This look went through many reiterations, and remains as one of my favourite pieces of work.