Fantasy, Makeup, Special Effects


“These Seers, what are they? We keep getting told we need ’em – protects us from demons and dark things. Still, you can’t deny that they give you the creeps. They shuffle around, muttering under their breaths. They all go insane, I don’t know what they have to go through to become a Seer. They say Seers are born, not made. Can’t help feeling sorry for the bastards. Is it really worth losing your marbles to be able to see demons and all that chitter chatter? They don’t beg for anything either, it’s as if they ain’t living in the same world as us. That glassy gaze that never seems to be looking where they are looking. Fishy, I tell you. Why do we need seers?”


A look I would definitely love to revisit one day because the prosthetic gave me a huge challenge. Even though it was a simple eye – I felt that I didn’t get it perfect. The prosthetic eye on the forehead was a resin eye embedded into wax. I definitely want to create a piece out of gelatine when I get the chance. The look also called for white out contacts but my model’s eyes were very sensitive. Still, I don’t think the look suffered much from not having the contacts.

The concept for the look was the idea that nothing in the world is free. Magic can be viewed and written in all sorts of the ways but my favourite is the idea of a price that will be exacted from the user. If one could see demons, I thought surely they would go insane and the price they had to pay was to lose their ability to see the physical world in order to see the spiritual one. However, this chance would be slow.

Overall, I think I managed to tell the story enough to hint at it but I am not telling the entirety of it.