Experimental, Special Effects



“We talk about good versus evil as two separate entities. We separate right from wrong. We create villains and heroes. Black and White. Truthfully, I do not know the answers myself but I have seen enough to question if we are inherently good or evil. We talk about demons, and angels, and we believe that we will always choose the light. There are times when I watch good men do evil deeds, crusades marched under the banner of the greater good, and I feel my belief waiver. Is it all in our minds? Is evil closer than we like to believe? Could we be capable of both tremendous good and unspeakable evil?

I was told once that evil is a lot closer than we want to know. That’s why we cling onto our stories and legends so tightly because we want to be comforted that at the end of the day: we are agents of good. That maybe if we fed ourselves enough good our minds will blossom onto a garden of life and stave off the rot of corruption.

Yet, I still do not know.

Is it all in our head?

In the quest to get more practice in sculpting and mould making, I decided to create an image of something I like to explore as a person. It is an age old debate of good and evil. I believe it is one with many answers for every individual. As a project, I really enjoyed putting all the elements together because I could explore what makeup techniques could do. I affectionately called this project: Non-makeup Makeup because it has nothing to do with putting makeup on a model or on skin.


  • Latex Brain with foam core
  • Painted with Kryolan cream paints and Graftobian RMG paints
  • Blood used in Kryolan's Special Blood IEW in Dark
  • Water simulated with Glycerin BP