From Death, Life…

Makeup, Special Effects


“I remember the first time I asked my father what happened to the Elves who died. At the time, I didn’t understand why his eyes seemed to glaze over and he would become silent. Death for us mortals is the end destination, and part of our daily lives. For Elves, who are immortal, it is either a choice to die or a life that will be stolen. It would only be many years later that I would finally see what my father saw in his many travels amongst the fair folk. It would be a sight I would never forget. For the first time I experienced sorrow mixed with the feeling of being enchanted. Even in death, elves were beautiful and from their blood and flesh they would bring life.

Yet, despite all its beauty, I could not help but think: Surely, this is a fate worse than a mortal’s death.”

This look was heavily inspired by Cristina Otero’s “even in death it grows”. It is one of those pieces of art that pumps so much inspiration into your being and acts like a fuel to get you going. I’m really pleased with the way the look turned out at the very end, though I did make a few mistakes in this look.