Air Fairy

Fantasy, Makeup


“Fairies are beings that exist within worlds that we know and those we don’t. I have been tracking this fairy for a long time, while she is amiable to my presence we have little interaction. She is utterly fascinating. Fairies are described as these dainty delicate creatures yet, I feel it is not entirely true. She is indeed beautiful and graceful but far from delicate. She appeared oddly human but yet, she was not like any being I met among my own kind.”

I have been wanting to attempt a look that did not use much black eyeliner, and I found myself heading in the complete opposite direction. I was really happy with the way this look turned out because I was not sure how the makeup would look on the model. This look is probably the one I am proudest of as the look was created around the headdress I made out of craft foam and wire. (Decorated with fur and paint of course!) The lashes were also customised for this look, stacking and painting lashes in order to fit with the look better.

Light looks to me are always harder to get right because they still need to have structure. Definition is achieved by using tones and shades of a single colour in order to manipulate how light interacts with the makeup. In this case, I used 2 shades of teal along with an eyeshadow that had reflective blue glitter in it to give the whole look an overall cool tone. I left the lips very simple; I originally wanted it to be silver but it erased too much colour from the model’s face.